Tantra Mystic Massage
Practitioner Training

FEB 7-21, 2024 : BALI

Tantra massage, in its pure form, harmonizes body, mind, emotions and soul.
It can awaken a profound spiritual state of being. Sex and spirit, inner child and adult, masculine and feminine, all are merged into the experience of our essential nature, which lies at the heart of duality.


The body is always in the Now. Using massage as an awareness technique, we can easily receive a transmission of the power of now, bringing us into deep communion with eternity beyond time and mind.


This exclusive training focuses on the art of Tantra massage from both the Kashmiri and Taoist Traditions. The teaching environment and techniques we offer are sensitive, healing and sublime. 

If you are a massage therapist already, these ancient Tantra massage techniques will enhance the repertoire you can offer to people in sessions. If you would like to explore Tantra massage as a couple, this training will serve to transform your relationship; helping you to further open to pleasure, sensuality and intimacy.

If you wish to experience the power of Tantra Massage for your own personal growth, this training will help you to connect in a more conscious and sensitive way with yourself, friends and lovers.

Discovering the Tao and the Kashmiri massages I felt like my energy clicked all of a sudden and something slipped into the right place.

Ma Dhyan Shakti

Being trained and working in allopathic medicine for many years I felt at a certain point that this was not enough anymore, that I needed something deeper and more holistic to really touch and help people on their way to self-discovery and healing.

Discovering the Tao and the Kashmiri massages I felt like my energy clicked all of a sudden and something slipped into the right place. Being a meditation made them even more appealing to me and I dived into them head on….or I should say soul on. I loved the way they were taught[…], one step at a time, going deeper into meditation first, deeper inside ourselves, each day and then teaching and practicing them piece by piece. Opening more each day allowed us to fully experience the massage, in body, mind and spirit, both as givers and as receivers. The space they created helped us learn more about ourselves first in order to be able to offer this beautiful, healing touch to others.

When I started offering the massages I was astounded at the range of perceptions people had regarding the massages. This depended on how open they were, and on the issues the massage brought to the surface to be loved and healed. However, all shared one thing, which came up again and again: all who received the massage stated that they had never been touched like this before, emphasizing to me the importance of a loving, conscious touch, which is offered from the core of love in a space of meditation.



The first week you’ll dive into the Taoist Tantra Massage of Ancient China, taught by Modestas Stonkus, one of the world’s leading Masters of this method, along with his partner Dieke ter Weel. This method is very powerful and spiritually deep.


The second week is devoted to Kashmiri Tantra Massage, a deep and yin method of internal Tantra massage, taught by Svetlana Filippova & Modestas Stonkus, Masters of the Kashmiri Tantra Massage method. This method is very powerful and spiritually deep, and includes genital touch but not internal work.

Taoist Tantra Massage

Taoist Tantra Massage is a very ancient art form that was not taught outside a very small and closed circle. This meant that there were few people, even in ancient China, who knew how to perform a Taoist Tantra Massage. In fact, outside the harems of the Chinese nobility, there were very few people who even knew of its existence. Although this art form has survived through the ages, there are few reputed institutions that teach this kind of massage.

This type of massage is used for the restoration of Qi and Ching (life and sexual energies), and was developed specifically to help relieve stress and improve sexual vitality.

The Taoist Tantra Massage is an ancient massage created by a enlightened Taoist Grandmaster, and the exquisite fragrance of enlightenment permeates this art form.

Kashmiri Tantra Massage

A beautiful and sensual massage ritual, the Kashmiri Tantra Massage comes from northern India, from the tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism. It combines heart, body and spirit, and activates and cleanses the chakras.

The whole body gets touched in a sensual way, without staying longer at one part of the body. You will experience a deep connection with yourself and open up for the inner, sensual flow of life energy.

This massage allows you to reach your innermost core, your internal calm. It allows you to experience a deep sense of security and oneness. Kashmiri Tantra Massage can be extremely healing and is very close and sensual.

An ancient Tantra Massage method crafted by Tantra masters of the Kashmiri Shaivism tradition.

Experience and learn the mystical art of authentic Tantra Massage, based in lineage and tradition dating back thousands of years. Deep spiritual healing and awakening in a way you have never experienced before.

Here is a sample of your daily schedule*

8:00 AM – Session/Morning Practice
9:30 AM – Brunch
11:00 AM – Massage Session
1:00 PM – Beach & Snack Break
3:00 PM – Massage Session
5:00 PM – Dinner
6:30 PM – Session/Evening Practice or Ritual
8:30 PM – Group ends for the day

* This schedule will vary depending on what is needed at any given time but in general this is what it will be. Meal schedule is based on Intermittent Fasting which is beneficial for energy levels and overall health.

Most of the time in the group room you will be giving massage, receiving massage, experience massage demos, and massage discourse, though will include some other processes as well, including: Tantra ritual, Tantra discourse, Tantra yoga, silent meditation, active meditations, men and women’s separate time, pod sharing, group sharing, dancing, movie, multimedia presentation on male and female anatomy and physiology (including graphic and potentially triggering images and topics), healing processes, emotional release and emotional fluidity processes, Gestalt exercises and other therapeutic processes.

As this is a professional training, full participation in all processes and massages is invited and expected from every participant. If any of the above processes are objectionable then please discuss with the organizer if this training is a right fit for you or not.

We will give and receive massage almost every day.

We will also have one day off after the first week, halfway in the training.

While being trained in Tantra Massage, you will also have time to enjoy the wonders of the sea, sun, and gorgeous natural ambience. We welcome you to come and discover the joy of being deeply nurtured in this pleasure filled holiday training.

Tantra Essence Facilitator & Organization Team


Dieke ter Weel: Facilitator

Dieke ter Weel is a Tantra Teacher and Tantra Massage Teacher from the Netherlands. She is the wife of Modestas and the organizer of Soul Mate Training: Tantra for Couples. Dieke will present the Taoist Tantra Massage and Lasya Tantra Massage methods together with Modestas.

Dieke is a freedom seekster; someone who is committed to discovering what makes their soul go wild, someone who dares to walk their own path, someone who embrace their uniqueness and wants to become their most authentic and sexy self.

Modestas Stonkus

Modestas Stonkus: Lead Facilitator

Modestas is actively working Tantra masseur, Tantra teacher, and dance teacher. He spends most of his time traveling around the world and giving Tantra massage sessions for his clients abroad. His spiritual personal development journey started 20 years ago with becoming Reiki Master-Teacher in Lithuania. He has apprenticed with Tantra master Ma Ananda Sarita for many years and is now co-teaching Tantra and Tantra Massage with Sarita. His experience with dance and movement brings very a necessary understanding about clients psychosomatic state and how to improve their well-being. He is gifted in many modalities of Tantra Massage and specializes in the Taoist Tantra Massage, having shared this exquisite massage with hundreds of clients.

Svetlana Filippova

Svetlana Filippova: Facilitator

Svetlana is a Tantra teacher, meditation master, and expert in the Kashmiri Tantra Massage method. She has given hundreds if not over a thousand sessions of this method which she has understood and embodied to a very refined degree. Svetlana has also trained in authentic classical Tantra, having spent months in sadhana at Shivoham Tantra Ashram in Nagpur, India, and she brings a powerful and genuine Tantra transmission based in lineage and tradition. 


Dharmaraj: Organizer

Dharmaraj has been teaching Tantra Massage and giving Tantra Massage sessions professionally since 2012. He is Lead Faculty in Ma Ananda Sarita's Tantra-Essence school, is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator with Source School of Tantra Yoga and is also trained in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage with Nisarga Dobosz of the Integral Body Institute. Dharmaraj teaches Tantra around the world, facilitating Tantra groups for couples, singles, and professionals. Dharmaraj is a Doctor: DMD from Tufts University, has a degree in Psychology from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and is an experienced holistic healer in many healing modalities, including ColorLight Therapy and Tachyon Wholistic Healing.



VENUE INFORMATION - Eco Luxury Seaside Resort in North Bali, contact for details


We can only accommodate for 15 men and 15 women in our intimate venue, just so you know as our limited spaces are being accounted for.

Describing this massage with words is like trying to see colors with your nose. The only way to understand it, is to experience it yourself.

Boaz Capsouto

[…] Quickly into the course I discovered that there are forces in me, strong and divine, awakening the body as a passageway for transformation, in places that were longing to break free. It was an experience beyond words, life changing and accelerating, humbling and unique. It taught me to stop, and be. To listen to the stillness and observe the subtle movement of that which cannot be expressed. I was led into a process, vivid and magnificent, of depth and serenity that has been increasing ever since in all aspects of my life.

At the end of the course, when I was asked how I plan to tell people about this massage, I replied the only thing that can describe it. “I won’t tell anyone about it, as it is not something the mind can understand in words, I will offer others the opportunity to experience it, by giving the massage myself.” Ever since, it has been a gift to be able to walk this path as a tantric body worker, and share this heart opening practice with others all around the world, integrating it with anything and everything spirituality and awareness have to offer. Honored by the level of transformation it introduced me to, I can only say – if you want this lighthouse to show your ship the way, learn how to engage your life force energy as a vessel for transformation, come and try it for yourself.



$3390 USD

per person

Early Bird - $2990 until December 15, 2023
Late Bird - $3190 until January 15, 2023
* Included: Double occupancy, includes 3 healthy vegan meals per day, and use of venue facilities
*Limited number of Single Rooms for $950 supplement (add-on)

15 Days/14 Nights 
Housing, Venue, FOOD


per person/shared (single room $950 additional)

Flights • Taxis
• Travel Insurance • Adventure Excursions

To Secure Your Spot

PayPal payment of $995 USD (or bank transfer payment) will reserve your spot until the registration form is reviewed and interview is completed. The date of the payment of deposit locks in whichever Early Bird Rate it currently is at the point of time you pay. You can send $995 USD PayPal payment to khojidharmaraj@gmail.com, or in the application link which is payment 995 EUR (which the final total will be adjusted based on the rate on the day of payment). If you would like to pay by bank transfer (in EUR, USD, AUD, GBP, IDR) is it possible. If the training is full, you will be informed that you are placed on a waiting list. If you have never completed a group or training with Tantra Essence faculty, additional prerequisites may be required.

If you are not a good match for the training your $995 USD or EUR will be refunded immediately.

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    It is for singles and couples both, the couples can choose to work only with each other if they wish and we always respect couples, it’s up to the agreements and comfort level of the couples, and the singles will be exchanging massage partners throughout the course to work with different bodies. We will give and recieve massage every day.

    The Mystic Tantra Massage Practitioner Training existed from 2010-2016 as a 2-weeks training, focusing on the methods of Taoist Tantra Massage and Kashmiri Tantra Massage. From 2017-2022, we offered this as a One-Month Training, adding the  Inner Alchemy Tantra Massage (internal Yoni/G-Spot and Anal/Prostate work). After one year hiatus, we decided to alternate between 2-Weeks and 1-Month training, so the 2-Week Mystic Tantra Massage Practitioner Training will be 5-19 February, 2024 and the One-Month Ultimate Mystic Tantra Massage Practitioner Training raining that includes Inner Alchemy (internal work) will be from 1 Feb-2 March, 2025.

    Serious practitioners would come for the 2-weeks training first, practice and master those methods, and return for the 1-month training the following year.  If you complete the 2-weeks training and return the following year for the 1-month training you will receive a 40% off discount of the tuition of the one-month training, a savings of thousands. It is not possible to do the 2-weeks training one year and then return and only do the second half of the 1-month training the following year, that would not be safe for the container we have created, if returning you must return for the full month, but you’ll get a large discount to return.

    Sarita will teach the 1-Month version of the training in 2025, together with Modestas Stonkus. At this time, co-creators of the Inner Alchemy Tantra Massage method Dharmaraj and Maria Fazzingo are no longer teaching the Mystic Tantra Massage Practitioner Training. The 2-Week version of the training is led by Modestas Stonkus who is a Master of both the Taoist Tantra Massage and Kashmiri Tantra Massage methods, and by Svetlana Filippove who is a Master of the Kashmiri Tantra Massage method.

    While the training is designed for serious practitioners, those who will give Mystic Tantra Massage sessions professionally and be the best in the world, one can also join for their own spiritual evolution and healing, or for those who love to give and receive massage recreationally, or those who want to bring more massage and intimate touch into their relationships to elevate them to a new level. In short it is for everyone, though our approach is as if we are training serious practitioners.

    The massages will be performed on mats on the ground. You must be at a reasonable level of physical fitness to perform the massages in this training. If you have injuries to your knees, feet, hips, or spine that would present a physical challenge for you to perform these massages on the ground each day for a month, than please consider if this training is suitable for you or not, and consult your physical or physical therapist for their professional opinion.

    It is also important to be in a state of mental wellbeing. Please let us know if you have any psychiatric considerations and if you are under the care of a mental health professional, or if you are on any kind of psychiatric medication, so that we can support you in the best way during this training.

    This course is a One-Month professional training, so prices reflect that, and are lower than they would be in the West for this kind of luxurious accommodation by the ocean and gourmet meals. Tuition is $3190 USD per person (or less during Early Bird promotion). Housing and 3 healthy vegan meals (with dairy and egg option) per day would be $995 USD per person (double occupancy, with limited private single rooms for $900 USD supplement [add-on]). The total is $4180 USD for the entire month, before promotions and early-bird discounts are taken into account.

    You can put down a non-refundable deposit and reserve your space for the accommodation and food cost ($995 USD), and the tuition is due by 5th December. This can be done by PayPal, or via Bank Transfer, with Bank Transfer being the preferred option to save you money on fees. If paying the second half of the housing and food by PayPal, please add 5% for PayPal fees.

    Please email if you would like to pay in USD to minimize currency conversion fees or for your own convenience, this is also possible. The rate for exchange would be the xe.com currency converter app rate for that day.

    We ask that the full tuition to be full paid by 5th December, 2023, two months prior to the training start date, by bank transfer in USD or other currencies. In select cases an extension can be granted. Please enquire if another arrangement must be made. However the entirety of the Accommodation, Food, and Tuition cost must be fully paid and received by 5th January, 2024 prior to the start of the course in order for you to be eligible to join the training.

    Accommodation and Food cost is non-refundable, as this is given to the venue to secure your space and is their policy. Accommodation and Food cost is non-transferrable, Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable after 5th January, 2024 for any reason. The training is fully transferrable to another Tantra Essence training or to another person between 5th December 2023 and 5th January 2024. The training is fully refundable before 5th December, 2023, minus $200 USD administrative fee. In the event that the tuition was transferred from a previous year’s training, or another training, the tuition fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

    In the event of COVID lockdowns inhibiting the possibility of flights entering into Bali, and the training must be cancelled, then full refunds will be granted, and not in other circumstances.

    You are fully responsible for your own flight costs and travel insurance. We recommend and advise that you book a full service travel insurance and fully refundable flights, to cover you in the event of a family emergency, medical emergency, lockdown, or act of nature. Tantra-Essence does not take responsibility, and does not take financial responsibility, for any of the above events, hence the advisement for a full service travel insurance. This is true for this training, and any training that Tantra Essence offers.

    Confirmation of allocation of private single rooms and the associated supplement cost will be made nearer to the training beginning. Please note that an application and payment for a private room does not guarantee allocation of a private room – and if not granted you will be fully refunded. If it is impossible for you to attend without a single room please make that clear to us. Thank you for your understanding. 

    Training created by Ma Ananda Sarita